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Our clients depend on us to design and develop performance optimized mobile solutions ranging from cloud services to innovative user interfaces. We deliver the personalized, rich experiences that today's electronics consumer demands, across a wide landscape of screens, devices and platforms.

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We're attending The Conference

19 August 2014

This is the week of The Conference (yes, that's really the name) - an annual conference that brings some of the best and brightest people in design, communication and technology to Malmö for 5 days of speakers, workshops and the occasional drink. As always Tactel is attending. If you'd like to meet up write us an email at sales@tactel.se.

The Conference logo

HelpMe is now on Google Play

25 April 2014

Tactel has released HelpMe. It is the friend in need when you want help with your phone - or, when you want to help someone else.

If you need help, simply follow these steps, or tell the person you want to help to:
- Install and open the application on your phone
- Press Start
- You'll receive a one-time code that can be shared to the one you seek help from (for instance using mail or text message) 
- The person who’s about to help you can either click the link or enter the code manually on http://helpme.tactel.se

Voilà – your helper can now:
- See the overall status such as phone model, battery and network
- See your current location
- Change your display settings
- Change your ring/alarm volume settings
- Add contacts to your phonebook
- Open a link in your phone browser. (This is also very good for helping out with more complex things. For instance, sending a link to the Play store will automatically open the Play store app.) 
- Trigger a phone call

Please try out the app:


TV Connect London 2014, 18-20 March

14 March 2014

Meet us at TV Connect in London 18-20 March. We will be teher. If you want to book a meeting with us contact sales@tactel.se. More about the event visit http://tvconnectevent.com/

Digital Banking 2014, 10 April

04 March 2014

Meet us at the event Digital Banking 2014 in Stockholm the 10:th of April. We will be there and hosting the lunch break with some interesting insights within Mobile Finance. Use our VIP code "Tactel" to get 50% off on the ticket. http://csevent.idg.se/banking2014/