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Connected devices have taken over the world – we can help you navigate it

Human insight

Understanding your customers is key. Through research, experience mapping, consumer insight, next state validation and patterns & trends we build a foundation from which to design and take action.

Design & Technology

Through prototyping, design and technology we innovate, evolve and redefine everyday experiences to expand and create new business opportunities for our customers.

Business Innovation

We strongly believe that co-creation, services design, business modeling and opportunity mapping can evolve your business and organization in better ways.


Mobile development
on all platforms

We help you understand the needs and behaviors of your customers, partners and co-workers. Thus ensuring experiences that truly improves their every day life.

User friendly banking applications

With our high technical skills within app development we offer banks and financial institutes the design, architecture and front-end that modern banking users expects.

In-flight Entertainment
innovation and development

With rapid prototyping and user testing we give airlines new ideas and concepts of the future user experience.

Modern web development 
for apps and sites

We use the latest web technology to build modern web applications. Usage of frameworks like Angular.js, Node.js and Javascript makes us speed up the development process and give the end user a great web experience.

Internet of Things
work more efficient

We support our customers in designing IoT monitoring systems, field worker applications and device management. We take our customers though the whole process from creating the concept to develop the end user solution.

Single view of the customer

The retail market is under a big digital shift. To make profit you have to know your customer. Tactel brings you closer to your customers with CRM tools like Salesforce. We connect the physical and digital shopper.

The Tactel Way

The Tactel Way is our process to deliver high quality pre studies to understand and package the right solution for our customers. We use Tactel Way in an iterative matter where the stages in the process is iterated during the development project.


1. Define

In the define phase, we define the scope and goals of the project and plan the project in detail.


2. Research

The purpose of the research phase is to develop a good understanding of the intended users and their needs and pains, the business context they operate in, and the possibilities and constraints of the relevant technologies. The insights created in this phase will help us find the right solutions to the needs and problems of the intended users.


3. Ideate

In the ideation phase, we collaboratively explore how the needs and problems of the intended users can be solved. We generate ideas and validate the ideas with the help from users in terms of desirability, business viability and technical feasibility. The best ideas will then be developed into solution concepts that can be tested with users so that the best solutions concepts emerge.


4. Experiment

During the experiment phase we use accelerated prototyping techniques to quickly develop prototypes in two or more iterations. The prototypes are interactive but without back-end integration and the purpose is to test the flow and interaction design of the solution before it is implemented.


5. Realize

Finally we design and implement the digital service(s) using an agile development process where we design, develop and test the service(s) in a number of iterations/sprints. User testing and adjusting the design based on feedback from the users is key in this process to ensure user adoption and ROI.


6. Transfer

When the solution is live we have reached the “Ready to evolve”-stage, and this is where we optimize and maintain the solution.

”F​ail fast and cheap. Fail often. Fail in a way that doesn’t kill you”​

– Seth Godin

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Jonas Hasselgren
+46 (0)70 656 66 52


Martin Holmberg
Head of Sales
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Olof Råborg
Consultant Unit Manager
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Christer Hernestig
Business Developer
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Jenny Falkengren
Head of Design
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Jörgen Andersson
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